CJ's Pygmy & Little Hooves Nigerians

Kids will be arriving!!

Chloe should be due to kid anytime! Her kids can be NDGA & AGS registered.

Welcome to our Farm 

Hi welcome to our farm's website. I am just getting in this world of goats. I am breeding Pygmys and Nigerian Dwarves. I currently have 4 registered goats ( 2 does and 2 bucks).  I am a member of the NPGA & NDGA. I had goats as a child and loved how playful and loveable they were, so I decided I would like to get into breeding them for other people to enjoy as well. None of our goats will be sold as meat goats!! They will strictly be sold as pets, for show, or 4-h goats. Thanks for checking out my site updates and site improvements will be coming soon!!